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5 Social Media Accounts That Will Make You Feel Empowered

We are addicted to our cellphones. This much is abundantly clear from scientific data to a simple glance around any given social situation— at a party, riding any sort of public transportation, a meeting at the office, dinner at a restaurant. This short list of female personas, including musician Amanda Palmer, artist Ashley Longshore, pop star Britney Spears, yoga teacher Izzy VanHall and running activist Alison Mariella Desir, will give people something inspiring to look at while they endlessly scroll through their social media feeds. These empowering female social media accounts are not filled with only “highlight reels” that the vast majority of Instagram accounts seem to be. These women’s social media posts will not depress their followers but offer real insights into what challenges their fame and success has opened up for them.

We all spend too much time on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat, we all have our social networks of choice. Time spent scrolling through and perusing news feeds can often feel like a waste and there is data to show that this practice actively lowers our self-esteem and our happiness. Since spending time on our phones is in many ways inevitable, here are five badass women whose social media presences will inspire you, entertain you and help you regain focus on your own goals.

1. Amanda fucking palmer

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

We are huge fans of polarizing musician Amanda Palmer. Love her or hate her, there's no denying Palmer's prolificness as an artist, something she attributes to her giant following on the crowdsourcing platform Patreon. She is always trying something new, be it songwriting using patron comments as lyrics, producing and acting in surrealist, political music videos, teaching a college course at her alma mater or writing an off-broadway play. Her Instagram posts, written in Palmer's signature style of oversharing and celebrating her own weirdness, express her struggles with trying to create art every single day.

2. ashley longshore

Photo courtesy of Ashley Longshore

Photo courtesy of Ashley Longshore

Everyone should know about Ashley Longshore, the New Orleans-based artist whose paintings are inspired by pop culture and her love of color. Though her work is beautiful by itself, Longshore's larger-than-life personality on her Instagram is equal parts inspiring and hilarious. Her account features lots of videos of the artist hiking while wearing Chanel pearls, wearing various facial skincare masks, pulling on Spanx and scaring her boyfriend, all peppered with messages of love, genuine encouragement for her fans, and of course, of her favorite word, fuck.

3. Britney Spears

Photo courtesy of  Britney Spears

Photo courtesy of Britney Spears

Surprised by this one? Us, too. But turns out, following Britney Spears on Instagram was an excellent decision, as the pop star shares decidedly lighthearted, funny, sometimes bizarre insights into her daily life. It's nice to see Britney twirling, dancing and playing tennis, basically just hanging out and enjoying life-- because honestly, if Britney can make it through 2008 and continue to laugh at the absurdity of life, we can, too. 

4. Izzy VanHall

Photo courtesy of  Izzy VanHall .

Photo courtesy of Izzy VanHall.

Izzy VanHall is an artist and aerial yoga teacher in Boston, MA. Looking for a way to combine these passions, she founded Paint Your Practice, a yoga class combining movement and art as a means of removing creative blocks from daily life. VanHall's online presence is filled with uplifting posts, with photos of her executing gravity-defying yoga poses in front of her paintings that leave you feeling creatively amped up.

5. Alison Mariella Desir

Photo courtesy of  Alison M. Desir .

Photo courtesy of Alison M. Desir.

Alison M. Desir is a running activist based out of Harlem, NY. She founded the free community fitness movement Harlem Run in November 2013 after finding joy in distance running during a period of depression. Desir was also one of four women who ran from Harlem, NY to Washington D.C., arriving in time for the 2017 Women's March. In just 20 days, the women completed their 252 mile journey and raised over $100,000 in donations for Planned Parenthood. She is a fiercely inspiring figure in her social media accounts and on her podcast Find Meaning (On The Run)